Tennessee Independent Colleges and Universities Association

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Tennessee's Independent Colleges and Universities are Diverse
TICUA member institutions have a student body that is significantly diverse in terms of race/ethnicity, income level, age, and geography.
Undergraduate Enrollment by Ethnicity
Over a quarter of students attending TICUA member colleges and universities are minority students.
Nearly half of Tennesseans attending a TICUA member institution as a full-time undergraduate receive the Federal Pell Grant, which supports low-income students.
Nearly one in five undergraduate students at TICUA member campuses are non-traditional students (aged 25 or older).
Fall 2011 Headcount Enrollment by County
TICUA member colleges and universities enroll students from every county in the State, every state in the Nation, and 138 countries.
Sources: TICUA enrollment reports

Message from TICUA President Claude Pressnell: This message is part of an ongoing series from the Tennessee Independent Colleges and Universities Association, highlighting the impact of our 34 member campuses. We hope that you will find this information helpful. Please contact us for additional information either by phone at 615-242-6400 or email at research@ticua.org.