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The Tennessee Independent Colleges and Universities Association (TICUA) conducts research at the institutional level that is used for planning purposes by our member institutions.  In addition, we conduct research at the state and national levels to support the development of public policy issues, and to understand the impact these issues will have on private colleges and universities.   

TICUA Research Reporting Guidelines and Survey Information

Enrollment and Completions Reporting

TICUA Surveys

Regarding the Use of Information Gathered by TICUA [.PDF - 23KB]


Methodology for FTE (Full-Time Equivalency Enrollment)



A series of charts and diagrams highlighting the impact of the 35 TICUA member campuses.

State Mandated Copyright Infringement Report

As part of T.C.A. 49-7-142, the Tennessee Independent Colleges and Universities Association (TICUA) is required to file a report with the Tennessee Higher Education Commission detailing the efforts of the member institutions of TICUA to deter copyright infringement over each school’s computer and network resources.  The report filed in 2009 is attached here.

Research-Related Publications

Characteristics: The Fact Book on Tennessee's Private Colleges and Universities: Fall 2014

[.PDF - 2.42MB]

This annual publication highlights the trends in student participation, affordability and degree completion for TICUA member institutions.

Overview of the 2013-14 Lottery Recipients: Fall 2014

[.PDF  1.12 MB]

This report  highlights the trends in participation and persistence in the Tennessee Education Lottery Scholarship (TELS) program by students attending TICUA member institutions.

Alternative Academic Programs Report: Fall 2014

This report reflects the current results of a biennial alternative academic programs campus survey conducted on TICUA member campuses in 2012. The purpose of this survey was to gain a better understanding of the educational opportunities available to students beyond the member institution main campuses. This report includes data on off-site and satellite campuses, dual enrollment, and on-line programs including, where available, location, the array of degree and/or certificate programs offered, and the number of students served by each program.
Spring 2013 Alternative Academic Programs report is available here.
May 2010 Alternative Academic Programs Report is available here.
February 2008 Off-site/Satellite Campus report is available here.

An Analysis of Tennessee's Private College's Economic Impact 2012-2013: August 2014

[.PDF - 295KB]

This report estimates the impact of Tennessee's independent colleges and universities on the economy of the State in terms of business volume generated, individual income generated, and jobs created and sustained by the institutions' presence.

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TICUA Sponsored Student Research:

Perceptions of Preparedness of Novice Teachers from Alternative and Traditional Licensing Programs - November 2013

This report presents the findings of a research project done by a group of Lipscomb EdD candidates on behalf of TICUA.

Learning from Closed Institutions: Indicators of Risk for Small Private Colleges and Universities - July 2013

This report examines the literature and institutional data on small colleges and universities that closed over the last ten years, seeking to identify the contributing factors to institutional failure and present these as risks to the financial health of small institutions.

Recruitment and Retention Strategies for Latino Students in Tennessee's Private 4-Year Institutions November 2012

This report presents the findings of a research project done by a group of Lipscomb EdD candidates on behalf of TICUA. The group used focus groups and surveys to identify best practices used by TICUA member institutions to attract and retain Latino students.

Effects of Financial Aid Differentiation on First -Year Retention in Private Colleges in Tennessee May 2012

This report presents the findings of a research project done by a pair of Vanderbilt EdD candidates on the behalf of TICUA. Using data from TICUA's student record database, the students estimate the impact that financial aid plays in retention of students from first year to second year.

PowerPoint summary of the paper

Examining the Administrative Burden of the Tennessee Education Lottery Scholarship Program March 2010 [.PDF - 516KB]

This reports presents the findings of a research project of a Vanderbilt University Master's student on the behalf of TICUA. Using survey results and phone conversations, the student examines the amount of work that campus officials spend in administering the Tenneesse Education Lottery Scholarship.

Tennessee Education Lottery Scholarships: Student Support Systems Analysis and Recommendations: April 2008
This report presents the findings of a research project done by a group of Vanderbilt Ed.D. candidates on the behalf of TICUA. Interviews and surveys were administered to TICUA campus administrators to develop a list of best practices related to retention of TELS recipients. The resource page is linked here. The survey and interview protocols are linked here.