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State Contracts

Tennessee Smart ShopTICUA member institutions have the option of purchasing from State of Tennessee contracts. TCA Title 12-3-103. Exempt Agencies and Purchases, states “any private nonprofit institution of higher education chartered in Tennessee, shall be entitled to purchase and contract for the purchase of any materials, supplies and equipment and services through the department of general services…” entitling member institution to state contract pricing. It is important to understand that the statute does not qualify member institutions for contract pricing negotiated exclusively through the Tennessee Board of Regents or University of Tennessee systems.

The state recently introduced Tennessee Smart Shop (TNSmartShop), an intuitive online purchasing repository that is designed to improve visibility, access and utilization of statewide contracts.  TnSmartShop provides a comprehensive, searchable layout of state contract items, in a user friendly online shopping environment, that allows users to compare prices and attributes to determine the products and services that best fit the needs of their institution.  

To begin using TNSmartShop register here for credentials.  Once logged in, simply type keywords for the product or service into the search field to begin comparing items across more than 1,600 individual contracts.  

The TICUA Procurement Committee encourages your institution to leverage this benefit as the savings can be significant.

For further information or questions related to TNSmartShop, you may contact the following representatives.

Hannah Terry
Procurement Support Assistant
State of Tennessee
Department of General Services
Matt Ross
Procurement Systems Analyst
State of Tennessee
Department of General Services

A Tennessee Department of General Services letter confirming TICUA institutions participation in State Contracts is available here