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Sallie Mae Partnership with Next Generation Insurance to Provide Student Benefits and Insurance Programs

Sallie Mae’s Partnership with Next Generation Insurance provides comprehensive revenue protection programs that are distinguished by their ability to provide both financial protection for TICUA institutions and personal protection for your students.  Products provided under the TICUA program include: 

  • Tuition Refund Insurance complements and enhances the institution’s refund policy. When a student is forced to withdraw due to unexpected medical reasons, the school is reimbursed for the financial loss including tuition, academic fees, room & board, and other budget expenses. The product helps increase transparency to the schools refund policy.
  • Student Protection Plan provides relevant student benefit programs that contribute to greater security and peace of mind of both students and their families. These five additional student benefits are provided, at no extra cost, to the student when purchasing a Tuition Refund Insurance Policy. This plan provides affordable personal security benefits to enrolled students including emergency medical evacuation and roadside assistance services.
  • College Renters Insurance Product protects the institution and its students against losses of personal property and the unintentional property damage or injury caused to others. Personal liability coverage in the policy also provides broader protection for accidental damage to school property or other student's property and provides clarity on housing policies related to student responsibility for damages caused to the residence hall.
  • Tuition Payment Protection Product provides financial security to keep students in school if the primary tuition payer is unable to continue making payments due to unexpected illness, disability, death or involuntary unemployment. This plan complements most institutional payment plans. 

The TICUA representative is Sonja McMullen, Director of Business Development, for Sallie Mae.  Sonja is based in Nashville and may be reached by email (sonja.mcmullen@salliemae.com) or phone O:   615.665.4494 / C:  615.430.8035. 

TICUA consolidates the purchasing power of our 34 private, not-for-profit campuses in Tennessee to provide TICUA members the option of purchasing select products at a discount. To defray administrative costs, TICUA in some cases, may receive a modest amount under agreements made with the companies in the TICUA procurement program.

If you are interested in more information regarding TICUA procurement program agreements, please contact Diane Berty, Vice President.  

To access TICUA agreement pricing, click here. (You will need the username and password e-mailed to your institution)

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