Southeast Recycling Technologies

Tennessee-based Southeast Recycling Technologies, Inc. processes, recycles, and handles all mercury containing lamps, all types of electronic waste, all types of batteries, lighting ballasts, and mercury devices.  Southeast utilizes high tech equipment in the processing of mercury lamps that gives them a 100% recovery and recycling rate of all by-products including the retorting and recovery of the mercury.  All of the other waste items are also 100% recycled and recovered—nothing goes to a landfill.  This 100% recovery rate assures their customers that their liability of Hazardous Waste ends at the Southeast processing plant.

Southeast’s main office and processing facilities are located in East Tennessee.  To provide their customers the best possible service, they have service centers and warehouses located in Memphis, Nashville, and Johnson City.  Regardless of where you are located, Southeast can service your account at a very minimal cost.  Additionally, they offer several recycling packages via FedEx Ground and UPS for universal waste lamps, along with a mail back CFL package for households, if interested.

Other Southeast highlights include: 1) free use of Southeast’s fiber drums; 2) CPU hard drives are wiped and then drilled multiple times before recycling; and 3) Southeast provides all documentation and tracking of the waste and a Certificate of Recycling for each order.

For more information about this contract, please contact Steve Barnett, President, Southeast Recycling Technologies, Inc. at 423.282.2022 or Toll free at 1-800-592-3970

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