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TICUA and Microsoft are offering two low-cost solutions to computer software costs.

The Microsoft Campus Agreement offers institutions an opportunity to purchase Microsoft products at a deeply discounted rate by simply subscribing to desktop licensing based on FTE count and actual server license quantities as needed. ComputerLand of Silicon Valley serves as our reseller for all Microsoft agreements. Enrollment for this program is held in May and June. Faculty and staff of participating schools may also purchase licensed Microsoft products for work-at-home use for a nominal fee (contact Jeff Koh at ComputerLand of Silicon Valley for more information). If you have any questions regarding our Campus Agreement please contact us.

The Microsoft Academic Select Program is a volume licensing solution that allows organizations to purchase perpetual licenses as needed with or without Software Assurance. Each school that desires access to the Microsoft Academic Select agreement must complete an enrollment form.

Program Benefits:
All participating TICUA schools will enjoy the following benefits when ordering from ComputerLand of Silicon Valley under the Microsoft Academic Select Program:

  1. Major cost savings as compared to Academic Open pricing (~20%)
  2. Cost effective method of obtaining server and product licenses you choose not to cover under the Microsoft Campus Agreement, whether you participate in the TICUA Campus Agreement or not.
  3. Optional Software Assurance to ensure that the latest technology is always available.
  4. Volume license product keys are provided for immediate access to additional copies of software licenses when needed. Media-CD fulfillment can be turned around within a few days.
  5. No minimum order requirements for licenses to be purchased.
  6. Easy online access to part numbers and pricing as well as online ordering.
  7. Students are also eligible to participate under this cost effective program. Many TICUA schools already have portals setup with e-academy thru ComputerLand where the students can easily access the site to make the purchase.

If you have any questions regarding any of these programs or how to obtain the part number and pricing from the website, feel free to contact Jeff Koh at ComputerLand of Silicon Valley for more information.

TICUA consolidates the purchasing power of our 34 private, not-for-profit campuses in Tennessee to provide TICUA members the option of purchasing select products at a discount. To defray administrative costs, TICUA in some cases, may receive a modest amount under agreements made with the companies in the TICUA procurement program.

If you are interested in more information regarding TICUA procurement program agreements, please contact Diane Berty, Vice President.  

To access TICUA agreement pricing, click here. (You will need the username and password e-mailed to your institution)

TICUA Procurement Committee Members, click here.