JPMorgan Chase

TICUA members have access to a no-fee procurement card program through JPMorgan Chase.  This MasterCard product utilizes Smart Data OnLine, a web-based card management system.  The system allows institutions to set spending limits, control types of purchases and provides for electronic expense reporting.  On-line training, use of the web-based system, cards and 30 reports are provided to the institution at no charge.  Participating institutions receive a yearly rebate based on the aggregate spend of all participating institutions.  This contract has national appeal, so schools in Kansas , Kentucky , South Dakota, Iowa, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Arkansas, Oregon, North Carolina,  Connecticut, Georgia and Indiana are all participating and contributing to the aggregate spend.  More schools in other states will be joining in the near future.

On-Line Information Sessions
JPMorgan Chase provides efficient, informative electronic meetings each month regarding procurement card usage and the software used in this program.  These information sessions are free, open to the public, last no more than one hour and you can do them anywhere you have a web connection and telephone. 
  • If you are interested in learning more about the functionality of procurement cards in general, please click here for information on how to join the next electronic meeting.
  • If you want to learn more about what Smart Data OnLine, the web-based software used under this agreement, please click here to learn how to participate in the next call.

Participation Process
1) Send a copy of your institution's audit for the last two years, articles of incorporation (or similar document)  and tax-ID number (last two are Patriot Act requirements) to TICUA.
2) Send Action Form electronically to Diane Berty.
3) Once financials are approved by JPMC, a Classic Card Agreement will be mailed to institution for signature.
4) Implementation period begins.

TICUA consolidates the purchasing power of our 34 private, not-for-profit campuses in Tennessee to provide TICUA members the option of purchasing select products at a discount. To defray administrative costs, TICUA in some cases, may receive a modest amount under agreements made with the companies in the TICUA procurement program.

If you are interested in more information regarding TICUA procurement program agreements, please contact Diane Berty, Vice President.  

To access TICUA agreement pricing, click here. (You will need the username and password e-mailed to your institution)

TICUA Procurement Committee Members, click here.