Contract Furniture Industries

Contract Furniture Industries, LLC provides discounts to TICUA members on their 10-year warranty North American Red Oak constructed residence hall furniture. Additionally, your order will be shipped and installed at factory cost. Contract Furniture Industries is a second generation furniture manufacturing company located in Memphis. They genuinely believe they can supply high quality, durable, and cost effective furnishings to every TICUA member. CFI specializes in upholstery seating and offers an extensive selection of lounge, lobby, and common room seating to compliment the case good line.

For more information about this contract, please contact Larry Powell or Kathy Mills at 901/794-2741.

TICUA consolidates the purchasing power of our 34 private, not-for-profit campuses in Tennessee to provide TICUA members the option of purchasing select products at a discount. To defray administrative costs, TICUA in some cases, may receive a modest amount under agreements made with the companies in the TICUA procurement program.

If you are interested in more information regarding TICUA procurement program agreements, please contact Diane Berty, Vice President.  

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