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TICUA Go Green! Resources for Physical Plant

Aerosol Can Management (see page 5)

Aerosal Can Punch (see page 4)

Air Permits for Lasers (see pages 12-13)

Campus Safety Health and Environmental Management Association (CSHEMA)
  • Many of the sample logs and forms that campuses have been requested are available to members.
  • CSHEMA Listserv: This is a FREE listserv (go to this site for more details) for listserv subscribers to use in getting their questions answered.  Again, this a free service would be a great place for you to further your compliance education.

Completed Hazardous Waste Label 

Completed Universal Waste Label

D Waste Characteristics and Regulatory Levels

Elementary Neutralization (see pages 2-3)

Emergency Planning and Notification; Emergency Release Notification and Hazardous Chemical Reporting under 40 CFR Parts 355 and 370 

Empty Container Labels

Envirofacts (EPA)

Environmental History Online (EPA)

EPCRA’s “List of Lists”  (see page 10 then this site)

Fluorescent Bulb Crushing (see page 4 and Attachment C)

Fuel Transfer (see pages 4-5)

Flood Cleanup: Avoiding Indoor Air Problems (EPA)

Freedom of Information Act (see page 14—use to get misplaced records) 

Glassware Rinseate (see page 10) 

Mold (EPA)

Oil Capacities of Transformers

OSHA/EPA Occupational Chemical Database

  • Air Cycle Corporation (www.aircycle.com). They provide a bulb crushing system called Bulb EaterTM. TICUA has a contract in place to for TICUA members.   
  • Tradebe Treatment and Recycling, LLC (www.tradebeusa.com) is a privately held and diversified waste management company engaged in the collection, treatment, recycling, and disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous industrial waste.  Tradebe has a full-time certified and dedicated environmental trainer who offers a full scope of hazardous waste training services. Courses consisting of relevant topics include, but are not limited to: Contingency Planning and Emergency Response, Decontamination, Waste Characterization, Hazardous Materials Handling, a Review of Current Federal Regulations, and Container Management. http://www.tradebeusa.com/training/training.aspx
  • Southeast Recycling Technologies (www.recyclebulbs.com). They have facilities in Nashville, Memphis, and Johnson City.  Vendor for “e-waste” (computers, monitors, etc), and universal wastes (used fluorescent bulbs & batteries). 

Refrigerant Cheat Sheet (see page 11) 

Satellite Accumulations Area Inspections (see page 10)  

Transformer Oil (see page 9)  

Universal Waste Handlers (see page 9)