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TICUA Go Green! Resources for Environmental Officers

Air Permits for Lasers (see pages 12-13)

Arts and Crafts Can Be Hazardous

Arts, Crafts, & Theatre Safety Organizational Information (ACTS)

Art Materials: Hazards and Safety Issues

Campus Consortium for Environmental Excellence (C2E2):

  • Boston-based organization that offers resources such as the virtual campus tour that shows how to identify and correct EPA compliance issues on your campus.  This tool was developed by MIT as part of a consent order by EPA for compliance violations.
Campus Safety Health and Environmental Management Association (CSHEMA)
  • The cost of membership is only $200/year and more than pays for itself in the resources they have available to their members.  Many of the sample logs and forms that campuses have been requested are available to members.
  • CSHEMA Listserv: This is a FREE listserv (click here for more details) for listserv subscribers to use in getting their questions answered.  This is a free service that would be a great place for you to further your compliance education.
Environmental Compliance Assistance Guide for Colleges and Universities”: 
  • A “how-to” compliance guide co-sponsored by APPA and CSHEMA. The book costs $110 for non-APPA members.  To review the table of contents page of the guide, click here. To order a copy of the book, click here
Environmental Health and Safety Regional and State-wide Associations:


Environmental History Online (EPA)


EPCRA’s “List of Lists” (see page 10 then this site)


Flood Cleanup: Avoiding Indoor Air Problems (EPA)


Freedom of Information Act (see page 14—use to get misplaced records) 


Forty Steps to a Safer Laboratory

Good Laboratory Practices:

Health Hazards in the Arts:  Information for Artists, Craftspeople, and Photographers

Health & Safety in the Arts


Safety Concerns for Studio Artists

Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation 

Universal Waste Handlers (see page 9)