TICUA Publications

TICUA publishes a variety of publications each year to raise awareness of private higher education in Tennessee.  All of these publications are available in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) files.

Private Colleges Serving Tennessee: January 2014 [.PDF]

This annual publication highlights the benefits of independent higher education in Tennessee. This report reflects the contributions of private colleges and universities to the State, the communities, and the students and families these institutions serve. In addition, detailed information on each of our members is included in this report.


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Securing Tennessee’s Future Policy Paper Series

This report series addresses important policy issues impacting the future of higher education in Tennessee.

Reports in this series include:


Characteristics Fall 2014: The Fact Book on Tennessee's Private Colleges and Universities [.PDF]

This annual publication highlights the trends in student participation, affordability and degree completion for TICUA member institutions.

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Alternative Academic Programs Report: Spring 2013 [.PDF]

This report reflects the results of an off-site / satellite campus survey conducted on TICUA member campuses in fall 2012. This study includes data on each off-site and satellite campus, including: the location, the array of degree and/or certificate programs offered, and the number of students served by each program.





Overview of the 2013-14 Lottery Recipients: October 2014 [.PDF]


TICUA's yearly study highlights the trends in participation and scholarship retention in the Tennessee Education Lottery Scholarship (TELS) program by students attending member institutions. 

Previous reports: