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30 Tennessee Private Colleges Enlist in the Yellow Ribbon Program


Nashville, TN- A preliminary count by the Tennessee Independent Colleges and Universities Association (TICUA) indicates that 30 of its 35 member institutions have submitted Yellow Ribbon participation agreements. On Wednesday, June 24, the US Department of Veterans Affairs will release the official list of colleges and universities who have agreed to participate in the Yellow Ribbon program. As of June 22, the Veterans Affairs website included 25 TICUA member institutions on its list of participating institutions.  TICUA knows of at least five other schools that reported they planned to participate.


The Yellow Ribbon Program is part of the Post 9-11 GI Bill, which allows private colleges in the United States to enter into a voluntarily agreement with Veterans Affairs to fund tuition expenses that exceed the highest public in-state undergraduate tuition rate.  The institution can contribute up to 50% of those expenses and Veterans Affairs will match the same amount as the institution.


“We are pleased that so many private colleges in Tennessee have committed to serving veterans through the Yellow Ribbon Program,” said Claude Pressnell, President of TICUA. He recommends that veterans not limit their search for a college to those institutions on the Yellow Ribbon list, as some institutions may not be participating in the program for reasons that have nothing to do with their commitment to providing assistance to student veterans. “Tennessee private institutions provide generous forms of financial aid outside of the Yellow Ribbon program.” When deciding on a college, students should consider multiple factors to determine the best fit based on academic, career, and personal needs.


In fall 2008, TICUA member colleges and universities throughout the State enrolled more than 68,000 students.  TICUA membership includes 32 four-year colleges and universities and 3 professional colleges.


TICUA engages Tennessee's private colleges and universities to work collaboratively in areas of public policy, cost containment, and professional development to better serve the state and its citizens.  For more information about TICUA, please visit our website at www.ticua.org


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