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Over 10,200 Students in Tennessee Received $41.8 Million from Lottery Scholarship to Attend a Tennessee Private College or University


Nashville, TN Last year, more than 10,200 students attending Tennessee’s private colleges and universities received over $41.8 million in lottery award scholarships to attend a private college or university in the State, according to a report just released by the Tennessee Independent Colleges and Universities Association (TICUA). 


The report, Overview of the 2007-08 Tennessee Education Lottery Scholarship Recipients, highlights trends in participation and retention in the Tennessee Education Lottery Scholarship (TELS) program by students attending TICUA member institutions and is TICUA’s third study on the subject.


“Students attending private colleges and universities in the State benefit greatly from the lottery scholarships.” said Dr. Claude Pressnell, President of TICUA. “The scholarships enable students to attend the institution that best fits their needs and career goals. In-state enrollment at TICUA member institutions has increased since the inception of the scholarship program.”


For academic year 2007-08, more than $37 million of the total lottery revenue awarded to students attending private colleges and universities went to students receiving the base HOPE award of $4,000. Of those students, 24% also received the supplemental Aspire Award (which is based on a student’s financial need), and 11% also received the General Assembly Merit Scholarship, which is based on outstanding academic performance by a student.


According to the report, last year the majority (85%) of award recipients attending private colleges and universities were white, while 7% were African American, 3% were Asian or Pacific Islander, 1% was Hispanic, and 4% were unknown or not reported. 


 The report finds that 62% of all HOPE recipients attending TICUA member institutions were female, which is slightly higher than the overall percentage of female enrollment at TICUA institutions.  In addition, Tennessee students from almost every county in the state received a HOPE scholarship to attend a TICUA private college or university.


TICUA member institutions enroll proportionately higher levels of HOPE recipients when compared to the percentage of undergraduate in-state enrollment, according to the report.

TICUA member campuses showed the most success at enabling students to retain their lottery award when compared to other sectors of higher education in Tennessee.


Having reached the end of the first four years that the award has been available, the report provides an early assessment of the impact the award has had on recipients’ persistence and completion. The study shows that more than 3,000 TELS recipients have graduated from private colleges and universities in Tennessee. Of those TELS recipients who first received the TELS awards in 2004, 54% have graduated from private colleges and universities in Tennessee. Of those TELS recipients who have earned a degree at a private college or university, 75% retained the award through the duration of their collegiate career.


Pressnell further commented, “The success of TELS recipients at private colleges and universities shows the wisdom of state leaders in leveraging the diverse opportunities provided by independent higher education to provide access to education for all Tennesseans.”


Overview of the 2007-08 Lottery Scholarship Recipients reflects data collected from TICUA member undergraduate institutions from fall 2004 to spring 2007.  An electronic version of the report is available at the TICUA website: www.ticua.org


TICUA engages Tennessee's private colleges and universities to work collaboratively in areas of public policy, cost containment, and professional development to better serve the state and its citizens.  For more information about TICUA, please visit our website at www.ticua.org


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