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UPS Fund Provides $100,000 to TICUA Member Colleges

Nashville, TN - The UPS Foundation of Atlanta, Georgia, and the Foundation for Independent Higher Education (FIHE) of Washington, D.C., jointly announced that more than $2 million in grants is being awarded to benefit private colleges and universities across the nation.  A grant of $101,750 was awarded to the Tennessee Independent Colleges and
Universities Association (TICUA), which will distribute funds to its 37 member colleges and
universities for UPS Scholarships. 

Throughout the nation, 644 private institutions will receive a UPS Scholarship, which will be dispersed to students who are selected as UPS Scholars.  Institutions select the students on the basis of financial need and academic achievement. 

In addition to the $1.8 million designated for scholarships, other funds will be used for innovative programs designed to improve educational services for students and to encourage collaboration among colleges.  Programs will be selected through a competitive matching grants process called the UPS National Venture Fund.  Since its inception in 1999, over $3.2 million in Venture Fund grants have been awarded, and with local matching grants the total impact of the program exceeds $11 million. 

The UPS scholarships and grants are funded by the UPS Educational Endowment Fund, which is held and administered by FIHE and was originally funded through grants to FIHE from United Parcel Service (UPS).  Since its inception, the UPS Educational Endowment Fund has generated over $37 million in scholarship support.  The current value
of the endowment is approximately $43 million. 

In announcing the grants, Evern Cooper, President of The UPS Foundation, said “For nearly 50 years, The UPS Foundation has been honored to support education through partnerships with such organizations as FIHE and TICUA.  The availability of quality, affordable higher education is critical to establishing a talented, more diverse workforce.” 

The Foundation for Independent Higher Education is the national partner in a  network of 36 state and regional funds, including the Tennessee Independent Colleges and Universities Association, which develop resources for private colleges and universities.  Since its founding in 1958, FIHE and its partners have received more than $ 1.5 billion in
support for private colleges. 

TICUA engages Tennessee's private colleges and universities to work collaboratively
in areas of public policy, cost containment, and professional development to better serve the
state and its citizens.  For more information about TICUA, please visit www.ticua.org.